Welcome to the Sears Center Diocesan Hall at Sacred Heart Cathedral!

The Sears Center was formally dedicated by Bishop Thomas Zinkula, Bishop of Davenport, on November 19, 2017.

This project began in 2012 with
the hiring of the architectural firm, BHMM.  Principal architect was Sacred Heart parishioner, Mark Miller.

Phase I was construction of a handcap-accessible east entrance, which was completed in January, 2013.  This project, funded by the Diocesan Capital Campaign, involved demolition of an unused garage and the Cathedral Manor. 
Phase II, construction of the hall began in September, 2016 with signing of contract with Swanson Construction, inc. 

Phase III, removal of the old Sacred Heart School and pavement of the new parking lot, began in August, 2017 and was completed
in November, 2017. 

Phase IV, involving interior/exterior improvements to the Cathedral, began __________. 

                                            The Sears Center features a large Gathering Space accessible via a handicap-accessible Porte-Cochere on the east side of
                                            the building.  Visitors can access the Cathedral, which is connected to the Center on the North side, from either the east
                      or                  west side of the Gathering Space.

There is a large, private conference room on the North wall and steps/ramp leading to the Sacristy and St. Margaret Chapel.
At the center of the GS is a unique rectangular skylight that is able to house the top of a ____-foot Christmas tree.
The South wall of the GS features stairs/elevator to the Lower Level, restrooms and entryway to the Grand Hall.

                             The Grand Hall is the showcase of the Sears Center.  It is filled with sunlight from the abundant windows on the north and
                                       west  walls.  A large kitchen takes up most of the east side of the Grand Hall.  It is fully equipped with a stove, refrigerator,                                        freezer and large-scale dishwasher.  A large counter with service windows is found on the north side of the kitchen.
                                       The Grand Hall can accommodate up to _____ people.

The Lower Level of the Sears Center is used primarily for Religious Education Classes.  It has an office and ___ classrooms, as well as a large open meeting area.  A second set of restrooms and a conference room are also found on the Lower Level.


Thank you to everyone across the Diocese of Davenport for their contributions to the support of our Diocesan church.